Just when I thought that I had dealt with every type of soak-away you could imagine, a new one appears, and one that is considerably more difficult to deal with. As we begin to finish the area we are in so we can hand it back to the builders, we are uncovering more of the new areas. We uncovered a soak-away with a small hole at the top (probably where there would have been a drain) and a much larger bottom, meaning it cones downwards. This new soak-away Context: 1258 isn’t actually very deep, but digging it is going to be tricky, largely due to the large piece of wall that has found its way in there. It could be that we have been catching the other soak-aways lower down, after they have been truncated by modern building works, and the dome has been taken off. Could Zone 3 be home to the Dome?

On the whole I feel that the site is coming along nicely, and think that we are getting a good story for the area over the past 2000 years. However, there is always the chance that further excavation will destroy everything we thought we knew, reducing us to quivering wrecks. But hopefully we will find a lot of well preserved graves!