It has been a long time since we added a new entry to the journal, but we have some good news, the first publication from the site is now available. This is a book of black and white photographs of the dig that I took. You can preview and buy the book by following the link below:

By Photographs by Guy…

The idea behind the book was (like this website) to try to show a different side of archaeology. I wanted to make images that would express something about the feeling of being on the dig, to capture something of the process of the dig and to record the people that worked on the team.

As you’ll know if you’ve been following our progress on this site, we take a lot of photographs, both to act as a photo diary of our progress and as part of the technical documentation. These photographs form a third strand of photographs. On one hand they use traditional black and white film and cameras which is partly a reference to the history of photography in our discipline and partly a response to available materials. On another hand they present some of the daily reality of life on the site. Thirdly, the images present a subjective personal vision of the project that perhaps more about they way that I personally perceived/remember the dig than anything else.

I hope that on one level or another the images mean something to you and that you enjoy them!