It seems a bit odd that I would finally write a journal entry now, having successfully avoided the process all summer. After setting up the Prescot website last spring, research projects saw me spend much of my time in sunny Italy and so I missed a lot of the time on site.

Since the last big push tog et all the data entered into ARK and packing up on site, daily reports have gotten a little quieter. That is not to say we are not still working on the data! Chaz is working on getting all the contexts of the site into one giant matrix . Guy is in Brazil dealing with the post-ex for some previous L – P projects and making sure the specialists have all the data they need. The specialists are processing all the finds and environmental samples, and we are starting to get some early news trickling in.


The millefiore bowl after restoration works.

Over the coming months we will keep updating the site, albeit a little more slowly than before, with the latest news as we try to bring some understanding to the site as a whole and work on the synthesis of the data we collected during the excavations. Watch this space!