The 2008 excavations took place between March and October 2008. In all we excavated and recorded nearly 4000 square meters of archaeology. The materials and documentation from the dig are now being assessed before we move on to the final analysis and publication of the results.

Our project has several key aspects:

The Archaeology

Our small evaluation in 2006 showed that there is really good preservation of archaeology on this site. The dig is proving to be really exciting with some very interesting finds.

Putting Our Data On line

We are putting all of our excavation data on line as we dig. This is probably the first commercial project to ever attempt this. Read more about the digital project here. You can explore all the site plans, context sheets, photos and small finds through ARK, which allows anyone access to the archaeological data.

Public Involvement

Using a website to disseminate information about the archaeology project gives our project a strong public archaeology element. This ranges from physically visiting external audiences, such as the provision of outreach sessions in schools, local archaeology groups and arranging site visits for the general public, to providing downloadable resources for teachers and families, to a collaboration with postgraduate students at University College London, and most importantly, the ongoing production and maintenance of this website.

The Journal and Galleries

All of the people working on the project are able to make their voice heard. Their contributions are in the form of journal entries or images, and Anies, one of the supervisors, is directing and producing a series of videos for the Prescot Street videography project, the results of which can be found in the galleries section. This gives context to our work, hopefully interest the wider public, and we hope it will help us in our post excavation work.