After such a long wait, we will finally be getting underway with our Prescot excavations at the end of February. The dig will run for 6 months and we are all really excited about the project.

For everyone involved, the wait of the last few months has been horrible, we all now just want to get on site and start digging. We are excited about bringing the news from the dig straight to publication on this site. We hope that it proves a great way to communicate with people, and to show off the work we are doing.

I guess one good side to the delay is that we have sat out the winter and the worst of the dark days. Obviously it is going to rain on us, but the main thing is that from here onwards the days are drawing out. This isn’t just fussiness, archaeology really needs to be done with nice natural daylight and with only 7 hours of daylight, our working day gets really cut down.

So here we are looking forward to a summer of good archaeology, new friends on the dig, new challenges and maybe some surprise finds along the way. I hope our readers enjoy what we are doing on this site!