Post medieval drain and well in close proximity.

We are now well under way and we are encountering quite a number of soak-aways, horn-core lined pits and wells. Which can be both good and bad! From a digger’s point of view these are quite easy to dig due to their well defined edges, however they can be quite deep and in the case of the soak-aways contain some organic matter which requires a robust constitution to dig! As the site progess the prospect of encountering some exciting Roman archaeology increases.

An interesting point is that the walls of Gary’s well and my soak-away appear to be spiralled (bricks courses) as opposed to one course sitting upon an other. Which provides some respite from the organic material I have encountered. However there is light at the end of the tunnel as once I have excavated it I can then turn my attention to a possible Roman deposit which appears to have been cut by the soak-away. So at the moment the future looks bright.