As my time on Prescot St. has progressed I have moved onto bigger though not necessarily better things! As I have fully excavated my large soak-away I uncovered what might be a Roman feature, however as I wait for the area around to be lowered I have joined Greg in excavating a large adjacent pit. Unfortunatley this has not proved to be straightforward, as the pit appears to cut into numerous other adjoining pits. This posed a problem in attempting to clearly find the edges, not to mention the poisoned chalice of sunny weather. I do not wish for a return to wintery weather, however bright sunny weather can make distinguishing features problematic, but you can rest assured that I am hoping for a nice, long, hot and sunny summer with the minor irritation of trying to distinguish features rather than wet and overcast summer for the capital! I am now looking forward to returning in the near future to my possible large Roman feature, however I suspect that Greg and I will be occupied for some time with the large pit.