Field Officer


Chaz Morse

Chaz began working as a field archaeologist in 1995, and has worked for a number of field units in the south east of England. He joined L – P : Archaeology in the spring of 2005. His main responsibilities are managing projects in the field and report writing, from large scale MAP2 Assessments to Archaeological Desk Based Assessments. Additionally he has a strong interest in excavation of human remains and the excavation of complex stratigraphy.

He has worked as an archaeologist in Syria, Sudan, Kuwait, Oman, Palestine, and Greece. In late 2006 and early 2007 he worked on the Giza Plateau Mapping Project in Egypt. His particular archaeological interests are in the pastoral nomadic economies of the Middle East, both ancient and modern. This interest also extends to other mobile economies, and he has worked for various NGO’s researching the rights of mobile populations in modern day south east Europe, gaining an M.A in Human Rights.

Chaz is the Field Officer for this project. This means that he is responsible for the excavation team. He is responsible for ensuring that the site is dug correctly and that the archive is produced correctly.

Chaz’s Journal Articles