ARK is the ‘Archaeological Recording Kit’ and has been developed by a team at L – P : Archaeology. It is is a web-based ‘toolkit’ for the collection, storage and dissemination of archaeological data. This includes data-editing, data-creation, data-viewing and data-sharing tools, all of which are delivered using a web-based front-end.

ARK is designed for users with any level of computer proficiency. Methods of data entry, viewing, and manipulation are simple and do not require any previous knowledge of the database or GIS software.

The main ARK interface is web-based which means that you can enter data, perform complex data manipulation tasks, import data, export data and simply view data from anywhere on the planet with an internet connection.

To access the data from the site, simply go to the ARK tab, and select an item to view from the left hand panel, or click on the relevant context numbers highlighted throughout this website in the journals and galleries, and you will be taken straight to the data.

We are constantly updating the ARK records. If you have any problems accessing the information, please email Lorna, who will pass on your request to a member of the ARK team.