We have been awarded the first ever BAJR (British Archaeological Jobs Resource) web award for the Prescot Street website. The awards were voted for on the basis of content, design and ease of use.

The reason David Connolly, who runs BAJR, decided to set this award up in order:

..to provide some recognition to people or groups that go that extra mile to produce a website that actually has content to it and ease of access, so that the general public feels welcome. Many sites are often just adverts for a company, websites that have education/outreach at their core instead of an add-on, should be recognised. Glad to award it to the Prescot site, as it shows you can take a commercial site and also create a strong public outreach element.. the two do not conflict. watching a site unfold and the constant updates and resources are what made this site stand out…


The BAJR web award logo

(and I’m rather chuffed)