This is an overview of the Assessment report. This report roughly follows the MAP2 guidelines for archaeological projects. The aim ere is to summarise the results of the excavation and make an assessment of their significance. From this basis we will make decisions about what material warrants further study. We will also use this as the basis for a programme of final analysis leading to publication.

The assessment report is made up of a number of sections. Each section looks at a different class of material. In addition, there is a discussion of the results and an assessment of our original research aims.

As we publish each section online, we will be providing links direct to the database within each text. The published sections of the report will be listed below:

Roman Pottery
Post Roman Pottery
Building Materials
Human Remains
Roman Glass Vessels
Registered Finds
Faunal Remains

The author of each report section is individually credited within that report. All reports have been edited for web publication by Guy Hunt and Chaz Morse.