The story so far.

Excavating a feature of any kind, when you are unable to see the edges can be tricky to say the least. When it appears to be a quarry pit, covering the majority of the area you are working in, it can be the most disorientating of experiences.

So, another week floundering around, trying to excavate, interpret and record the most confusing collection of soil deposits, dumps, tip lines, cuts and pits it has ever been my misfortune to come across in one place. Or so it might seem to the untrained eye (namely mine).


You can see David’s point…

Having said all that, in this, the final week in zone 2, as we approach the level of natural sand and gravel, there is discernable stratigraphy, with a multitude of inter-cutting pits, a possible grave cut in the north-east corner, the occasional remains of a disturbed cremation, and even, on the very last day, an inhumation.