It is only my second day here at the Prescot Street site. Weather is great! Really hot! What a difference from the cold, windy and wet weather in Glasgow were I was working only last week.

This site is quite small so far with a small team which is very good!

Right now in the beginning it seems a bit complicated and I am slightly confused. So many features are truncated and truncates other features and so on. But my first impressions are very good.

Started out digging a linear feature which could have been a boundry of some sort, post medieval. It’s nice to go back to draw plans by hand and using a theodolite again instead of using the total station for everything. Back to the old school archaeology recording, here we go! Excellent! (Can I remember how to do it..?)

A Roman coin was found today and that was the first time I have held a Roman coin so it was really exciting!