This is how or podcast looks in iTunes.

OK… so I haven’t actually written a blog for some time as my “blog” is the production of the short films. I just thought I’d say a few words about the whole video project so far.

We have a couple of months left on site now which should give me time to make 3 or 4 more short films about the site, which is slightly less than I initially intended… this whole “film making” business is a lot more time consuming than I initially anticipated, but I’ve really enjoyed the whole process. It’s always good to learn something new.

As I said in a past blog entry, it’s quite difficult to find the time to actually use the camera on site and I have gone for up to 2 weeks without filming anything. Those of you who have actually worked on a comparable site will know how frantic it can get. However, I have been doing a little filming recently and the next episode will be about field techniques and is intended to shed some light on what archaeologists do in the field e.g identifying features/contexts, how they are excavated and how they are recorded. I still need to do a bit of work on it but will hopefully get the footage this week and have it up on the website next week. We will see!

One new thing with the video project is that Guy has now arranged it so that you can subscribe to the videos as a video podcast. You can find it by doing a search in iTunes for “Prescot Dig” (in the society/culture/history section). The films were formatted to be viewed on the Prescot website in fairly small dimensions so when viewed in iTunes the image quality is lost a little bit (as they show it to fill your iTunes window) but still perfectly viewable. It looks great on a video iPod.

And finally, we now have “comments” boxes under the videos so people can leave messages and comments. Please feel free to add any comments and/or constructive criticism as this will help me make better films… hopefully. Don’t be too harsh though… I’m not sure my delicate constitution could take it.