First of all, wow! This weeks weather has been amazing! You can actually feel the summer heat now. Which of course is very nice. However, to be working on site in this heat can be a bit of a challenge in fact. It is dusty, there is a hard crust on the surface and the features can be difficult to find. But, on the other hand, it could be pouring rain which in my opinion is worse. I know, archaeologists are never happy with the weather. But enough about that now.

Last week I was working on a small pit, truncated by a modern piling hole. It turned out to be not just a pit but a inhumation burial Context: 1401. Unfortunately due to the truncation by a Victorian wall and the piling, only the leg bones remained. But later in the area, more inhumations were found, including the best one preserved so far that Gary excavated this week.

Right now I am working on what could be a Roman drain feature or maybe a boundary that’s got something to do with the cemetary. Its very exciting to find out what it really is. Hopefully, the answers will come to us very soon.
What also has been discovered this week is a very interesting mettled surface, meaning that it is a surface made of tightly packed small stones and pebbles Context: 1443. It is possible that it might have been some sort of yard surface. And as far as I know it could be the first one on site so far.
Now, back out in the heat and do some digging!