Okay so I have spent the last couple of days on light duties following back pain and related swelling which could be work related (or maybe perhaps my trip last week to Scotland which involved the climbing Ben Nevis with a heavy back pack) finally caught up with me.


The huge pile of paperwork

Either way, this has meant the primary focus of my duties has been on the scanning and filing of plans (which is actually no mean task when there is a pile thick enough to match a couple of Bibles, the thick illuminated ones from the Middle Ages, naturally) – Once the features have been excavated and recorded, the paper work generated has to go through this processes (I won’t bore you with the details!).

All I can say is it’s a necessary evil.

Today I also did some planning on site and began gently cleaning down a section face of what seems to be a really huge Roman-period pit. The planning also meant that I had a chance to look at what other people were up as opposed to being caught up with my own digging, which is always nice.