We have finally moved all our kit down to the site at Prescot Street, and it’s very exciting being here, if a bit cold after being in an office for 4 months – I’ve obviously got delicate in my old age.

I have been rushing round signing up schools in the local area close to the site for outreach sessions, and so far the response has been really positive. The schools in this area are such a multi-ethnic mix, so it’s great to be able to get kids involved that are under-represented in the archaeology work force. I will be doing sessions on ‘what is archaeology’ and what we do, along with some good old fashioned object handling, and hopefully, planting some seeds in the minds of potential archaeologists of the future. Who knows…

I’ve also been in contact with local history and archaeology societies, and the WEA and U3A. As a sideline, I am also in the process of researching who lived in the houses we’ve found on site from Kelly’s Directory and Charles Booth’s records. The area had a huge Jewish population during the late 19th century, and it would be amazing to find out if anyone in the Jewish community today had ancestors that lived here. Watch this space.

The web site is getting an increasing number of hits each day, as word gets out and links appear on other websites within the archaeology community – thanks to BAJR, Portable Antiquities and GLAAS, so far this month! Guy and I are working hard to get the content perfected, which is an ongoing process. Once it contains more information about the excavation, I plan to mount a big awareness campaign in the London area.

And I must thank Alice, Lowell and Amanda, three colleagues from my M.A Public Archaeology course, all dedicated archaeological education and outreach types, who are going to help me with the sessions and the materials for schools!