As the recently appointed IT and GIS specialist at Prescot Street, I have been combining my knowledge of GIS systems with my experience of Field Archaeology to digitise the vast plethora of context plans onto a digital ‘master plan’. When a copy of this work goes live on the website along with the digital context registers, site staff will be able to digitally access details of any feature on site at any time, as will the public.


David Harrison, G.I.S & I.T specialist at Prescot Street

So far it’s been an interesting opportunity to work on a project with this level of IT and web-based content. Perhaps some day in the next decade or two the familiar paper-based context sheets could give way to pocket PCs, with all data being checked and uploaded in real-time.

Maybe I’m just being a sci-fi geek, but the technology exists, and is becoming more easily available all the time.