Archaeology: An Introduction

Accessible and comprehensive introduction to archaeology by Kevin Greene aimed at adult learners. An ideal place to begin learning about the history, methodology and practise of archaeology.


Designed to provide students and others interested in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, and ancient civilizations with a one stop resource for homework help or other projects. There are a huge number resources divided by topic. Each site has been reviewed, and checked for links inappropriate for children.

Archaeology Data Service

The largest collection of databases in the UK with over 20 on line databases accessible from the website including Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish National Monuments Records, Local Historic Environment Records and the National Trust Sites and Monuments Record.

Archaeology Journals

A list of all the archaeology journals and magazines you can think of.


An archaeological reconstruction centre in Northumberland, that tells the story of the Roman conquest and occupation of the North of England.

BBC History & Archaeology

BBC website for history and archaeology, featuring articles, forums, games, images, education and teaching resources, and all the latest news from archaeology.