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Field Archaeologists undertake excavations – they dig, record and monitor evidence for the past. But archaeologists don’t just dig holes. This article explains the many different areas of archaeology in which people work.

This article explains what happens to the finds and records once they have been recorded and processed on site.

This article explains the role of the environmental archaeologist at Prescot Street, and is aimed at a younger audience.

This article answers the FAQ “what is stratigraphy”.


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A page of links to useful online resources for archaeology.

An article about the work being done at Prescot Street and how this fits into the planning process.

An article about why it seems like people lived underground in the past. The article explains that people didn’t live underground, but that modern ground levels are much higher than in the past.

An article that explains the basics of archaeological dating techniques.

An article that explains about what archaeologists do with the things they find. It also briefly explains about treasure.