The videography project aims to give an insight into the workings of our dig. If you use iTunes, you can subscribe to the show. Alternatively, we have a good old fashioned RSS feed.

Update: The videos can now be found here in full.

The videos are made by Anies Hassan one of our archaeologists. The idea is that the films are made entirely by archaeologists about our dig.

  • Video Episode 1 - Introduction to Excavations

    Episode 1 of our new video series. This film introduces the site and gives a flavour of work on the site

  • Video Episode 2 - First Signs of Burials

    Video episode 2 following the conservation of the first cremation on site and catching up with progress on site.

  • Video Episode 4 - The Big Quarry Pit

    Episode 4 covers the excavation of the big quarry pit and the rush to finish Zone 1. We also catch up with the diggers as they clean the site after rain.

  • Video Episode 3 - Excavating Burials

    Episode 3 of the videography series follows the excavation of 2 burials as well as further exciting footage from site. Episode 3 has been released after episode 4 while Anies learned how to use more advanced video editing software.

  • Video Episode 5 - Zone 2 One Step Beyond

    Episode 5 of the videography series follows the process of finds from the site to being washed and dried ready for analysis. we also catch up with progress in Zone 2 of the site.

  • Video Episode 6 - Samples

    In this episode we follow Fergal as he takes environmental samples and then what happens to them once they have left the site, to the lab. There is also more footage as work in “Zone 2” continues.

  • Video Episode 7 - Burials and the Record

    In episode 7 we follow the excavation of 2 burials on site as well as taking a look at how we dig and how we record archaeological features.

  • Video Episode 8 - Archaeology, Computers and Skeletons

    In episode 8 we find out more about the digital recording methods in use at Prescot Street and follow the excavation of 2 burials on site.

  • Video Episode 9 - Into the cemetery

    Several unique finds have been made over the last couple of weeks. This episode of the video series shows some of the best findings from the dig so far.

  • Video Episode 10 - The Last 6 Months

    In this episode we look back over the 6 months of fieldwork, look forward to the post-excavation work and say a fond farewell to our digging team.