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Basic Information

  • Cut and primary fill of pit
  • 1588


  • Context: PCO06_1588
    • cut for 1585 in 550/85
  • Context: PCO06_1600
    • Fill of [1588]

Subgroup Narrative Text

    • Pit cuts [1500] and [1527] were dug into (1585), which formed the upper fill of pit [1588]. This pit contained a number of fills and underlying (1585) was (1599) a very dark humic layer, which overlay primary fill (1600), seen as representing a silting up event at the base of the pit, indicating that the pit was left open for some time before being backfilled by (1585) and (1599), probably dumped to reclaim the land left open by the excavation of the pit. The pit was probably dug as a gravel extraction pit, and was dug into (1612) the aggregate fill of pit [1613].
      • Chaz Morse
    • 21-7-2011

Dating Narrative

    • A total of 11 pot sherds were recovered from primary fill (1600), all were dated to 120-160AD.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 21-7-2011

Subgroup Plan


  • Strat. Group: PCO06_164
    • Series of early pits