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Basic Information

  • Cut and fill of pit
  • 1067


  • Context: PCO06_1067
    • Cut of burnt area
  • Context: PCO06_1068
    • Burnt fill of [1067]

Subgroup Narrative Text

    • Cut by Post Medieval construction cut [2182], context (1068) was the burnt fill, possibly related to the cremations on the site, of cut [1067]. This pit is seen as having been cut for the disposal of the burnt material, and cut [1067] was dug into the natural gravels of the site area.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 17-7-2011

Dating Narrative

    • One sherd of pottery was recovered from the fill of this feature and was broadly dated to 50-400AD.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 17-7-2011

Subgroup Plan


  • Strat. Group: PCO06_230
    • Series of rubbish pits