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Basic Information

  • Brick floor and wall
  • 701 702


  • Context: PCO06_701
    • Wall
  • Context: PCO06_702
    • Brick floor

Subgroup Narrative Text

    • Context {702} was a brick floor associated with possible out building wall {701}. This was certainly an external structure/out building associated with the main building immediately to it's south,, a Post Med house fronting on to Prescot Street.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 8-7-2011

Dating Narrative

    • The bricks in this construction were unfrogged, indicating a Georgian date, which is further indicated by the association with the housing on Prescot St.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 8-7-2011

Subgroup Plan


  • Strat. Group: PCO06_332
    • Post-Med out building