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Basic Information

  • Roman pit

Sub Groups

  • Sub Group: PCO06_387
    • Roman pit and fill
  • Sub Group: PCO06_392
    • Cut and two fills of pit

Group Description

    • Cut into by a number of Roman features, (1634) was a lense of charcoal rich sandy silt mixed with brickearth. This dumped deposit was seen as a secondary backfilling event of pit cut [1638]= [1643], that also held primary fill (1637), which was seen as a slumped deposit resulting from the pit having been left open for sometime before being backfilled. The pit is seen as a gravel extraction pit, and was dug into dumped layer (1784).
      • Chaz Morse
    • 27-10-2011

Dating Information

    • The pottery recovered from this feature was dated to 120-160AD.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 27-10-2011

Group Matrix