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Basic Information

  • Series of dumped layers

Sub Groups

  • Sub Group: PCO06_445
    • Dumped layer containing redeposited cremation
  • Sub Group: PCO06_711
    • Redeposited brick earth
  • Sub Group: PCO06_712
    • Series of dumped layers

Group Description

    • Cut [1393] was dug into (1390), a sandy brickearth deposit, which was seen as a Roman dumped, perhaps spoil from gravel extraction laid down to level ground subsided due to settling and decomposition of fills within quarry pits. Very disturbed cremation (1535) lay within deposit. Context (1390) overlay (1423) redeposited gravel with darker and dirtier silt. In an area of several diffuse dumps, (1390) sealed (1593), which overlay (1594), which in turn overlay (1595). These contexts formed a series of redeposited gravel layers, that overlay (1592), a pinkish brick earth, and they were seen as leveling deposits.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 26-10-2011

Dating Information

    • The datable ceramics recovered from these layers were dated to 120-160AD.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 26-10-2011