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  • 1728
  • Skeleton
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    • Disturbed and disatriculated skeleton remains in grave cut [1729].
      • Adrian Carreton
    • 28-8-2008
    • Plan?
      • Chaz Morse
    • 12-9-2009


  • Skeleton in grave cut [1729]

Basic Interp.

Stratigraphic Matrix


  • Extended. Difficult to desribe as it is prone/supine
  • Smashed (Jaw looking south)
  • Extended but broken from the elbow, humerus out of scapula and hand is dismissed.
  • Extended but broken from elbow and ulna and radius are spread out between ribs and pelvis. Hand missing.
  • Extended but broken from patella and tibia and fibula separated from it and broken
  • Extended but broken in tibia
  • Separated from legs beside the right tibia. Spread out so we don't know if complete.
  • Bad condition generally. Ribs spread out and skull smashed and out of line with spine and arm, which are separate from body and broken. Hands not found and half of leg broken. Feet out of place and pelvis broken.
  • Arms broken and pelvis and scapula in pieces.
  • It looks like it is has been buried, and after a time taken out and reburied, because the whole body is in very bad condition and the bones are scattered. It is not possible from the layout of the body to say whether prone or supine. We have found pieces of nails at the top (W) and at the bottom (E), above the skeleton, which could indicate the remains of a coffin. No goods found. Sampled, surveyed and pictures taken. Burial is cutting a cremation (Actually [1729] is cutting pit [1747]) in pottery from N (1745). Bags: feet, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, pelvis, ribs, spine, riht hand, and rearranged bones, scapulas and clavicles.


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    Adrian Carreton
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    • Adrian Carreton
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    • Chaz Morse
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  • Sub Group: PCO06_28
    • Burial. Cut, Skeleton, Fill.


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