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  • (1571)
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    • Upper fill of 2014. Good edge on S side, but lost the N edge from the excavation/machining in zone 2. Continues W where it was recorded as 1983 and filling of pit 2007. It seems more likely that it is actually a later material re-deposited and sunk down over the features, hence a material overlying/partially lying in the top of pit features. Immediately S of this one was also interpreted as the same material 1983, Unless of course we are dealing with different fills within these features except that they are so similar that they are not discernable from one another. All finds from 1571 bagged as finds from 1983.
      • Greg Crees
    • 14-8-2008


  • Uppermost fill of [1574] in 545/85

Stratigraphic Matrix


  • Soft
  • Light brownish orangey grey
  • Sandy silt
  • Occa small sub rounded and sub-angular pebbles
  • E-W c. 4m, N-S >1.5m, Thickness c 0.3m
  • Mattock/dry


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    Greg Crees
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    • Fergal O'Donoghue
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    • Chaz Morse
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  • Sub Group: PCO06_414
    • Secondary fills of 2014