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PCO06_1Grave, Pot with fillGary Webster30-4-2008view
PCO06_2Sample from left footGary Webster30-4-2008view
PCO06_3Sample from right footGary Webster30-4-2008view
PCO06_4Sample from skull in graveGary Webster30-4-2008view
PCO06_51 bucket bulk from underneath graveAshley Pooley2-5-2008view
PCO06_61 bucket organic Roman stuffChaz Morse8-5-2008view
PCO06_7Black and smelly from 825Chaz Morse9-5-2008view
PCO06_8Final fill of palaeochannel [873]Tom Lucas14-5-2008view
PCO06_9Fill of palaeochannel [873]Tom Lucas15-5-2008view
PCO06_10Organic matter at base of wellGary Webster15-5-2008view
PCO06_11Organic rich fill of 639Chaz Morse15-5-2008view
PCO06_12Soil sample from feet (l & r) of 870 Sara Clancy15-5-2008view
PCO06_13Soil sample from hands (l&r)Sara Clancy15-5-2008view
PCO06_14Soil sample from head of 870Sara Clancy15-5-2008view
PCO06_15Soil sample from stomach of 870Sara Clancy15-5-2008view
PCO06_16Soil sample from pelvis of 870Sara Clancy15-5-2008view
PCO06_17Soil sample from within grave cut 871Sara Clancy15-5-2008view
PCO06_18Soil sample within grave cut 871Sara Clancy15-5-2008view
PCO06_19From base of pit 884Greg Crees16-5-2008view
PCO06_20From base of [pit] 857Greg Crees16-5-2008view
PCO06_21From post-medieval quarry pit [890] 30lAshley Pooley19-5-2008view
PCO06_22Pink post-medievalGary Webster22-5-2008view
PCO06_23From surrounding fill of cremation urn cut [962]Greg Crees29-5-2008view
PCO06_24Fill above (1041) Paula Howell4-6-2008view
PCO06_25Soil from (1050) containing cremation urn (1049)Elisabet Schager5-6-2008view
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