Websites – Design, Production & Hosting

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Strong standards compliance, clean design, intuitive UX


Just as web design has evolved since L – P began working in the field in 1990, so has our approach.

Our underlying philosophy has always been that archaeological websites do not have to be ugly and difficult to navigate. It sounds obvious, but back in 1999 the vast majority of archaeological websites were very ugly making extensive use of gif animations of trowels, etc. You get the picture.

We are interested in standards compliance, which is fundamental to good web design. Our skills have expanded so that we can now deliver complex database driven websites.

As we see it today, a great website should include:

  • Beautiful, simple, clean design
  • Elegant structure based on XHTML and CSS
  • Strict standards compliance

L – P’s philosophy is also committed to:

  • Seamless integration of spatial data into our webpages (online GIS)
  • In-depth understanding of client requirements
  • Working with the latest data exchange formats
  • Commitment to Open Source development
  • Intuitive, user-friendly design and experience (UX)
  • Understanding Archaeology and IT in equal measure