Video Production

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Specialist heritage filmmaking and complete digital video production services


Multiple narratives are vital to heritage projects. Film and video content provide a visual link between the past, present and future of a development. Creating compelling media can be used for devising site management plans, engaging local communities and balancing ‘expert’ interpretations with oral histories, folklore and opinions of all stakeholders. For example, an ARK-backed web design might use digital video to link process-heavy ‘dry, professional’ data with the live activity of a project, and journal/blog entries from the project team.

Digital video helps with audience outreach too, by sharing knowledge and stimulating the imagination. Sharing content online, increases public knowledge of museum collections, monuments, landscapes and archaeological sites, especially:

  • Remote, inaccessible or fragile archaeological sites
  • Private museums or those with restricted access
  • Heritage sites wanting to show digital reconstructions during a tour
  • Building a digital library of educational resource materials
  • Creating a more informal view of what goes on behind-the-scenes of a heritage project, as part of an outreach programme.

L – P’s digital video service integrates in-house heritage expertise with full production and post-production from consultation to distribution.

We can deliver various physical or digital formats, depending on where and how you intend to show your content.

Physical Media: DVD or branded USB Flash Drive/Pen
Digital Media: Embed code for streaming or downloading on a Mac/PC, tablet or mobile device