Post Excavation

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Analysis of archaeological finds uncovered following excavation


What is Post Excavation?

This is the processes of analysis and interpretation that is done after the digging has finished. Excavations usually uncover finds, physical items such as potsherds, metallic objects or glass. To comply with good practice and planning policy guidelines these need to be properly analysed and archived.

How is Post Excavation done?

Uncovered items are cleaned, catalogued, and sent for specialist assessment and analysis. Samples of features are often taken by the on-site archaeologists and sent for processing in a laboratory as they may contain artefacts too small to be identified during excavation. Consultation and specialist assessment provides us with the type of information we can hope to learn from detailed analysis of the material. Study of these artefacts enables us to draw historical conclusions about the site. The final stage is to compile the archive into a database which forms the basis for a written report on the history of the site.

When do you need Post Excavation?

All intrusive archaeological work will typically require some post-excavation.