Bringing technical information to life through drawing, maps and 3D modelling


Our illustration service covers all aspects of archaeological graphics and illustrations for incorporation into internal and client driven document. This includes reports, publications and archives, as well as online presentations.

Archaeological Finds

Illustrations of rare and delicate objects found during evaluation and excavation are often required by local authorities.

Technical archaeological drawings remain the optimum means of recording fabric, dimensions, surface decoration, tool-marks and construction detail – visible in the third-angle projection or cross-section of an object. L – P’s archaeological illustrators are experienced in the technical requirements of this type of drawing, and can provides accurate measurement of minute detail and free-hand replication of design.

Archaeological Reconstruction Drawings

A combination of topographical and archaeological data and historical sources is used to recreate a visual interpretation of a site. Reconstruction images transform dry technical records and illustrate past land use.

Site Plans and Map Regression

Our archaeologists regularly digitise historical maps and georeference to site plans for desk based assessment and evaluations. Once a project ends, they are added to the national Historic Environment Record.

Archaeological and Historical Landscapes

Digital reconstruction of buried archaeology is useful for Environmental Impact Assessment and at the masterplan stage in regeneration and sustainable projects. 3D models can be created from GIS data gathered from an historic landscape survey or from information entered into ARK.

Historic Buildings Elevation

Scale elevation drawings are created in AutoCAD as part of the historic building recording service.