Historic Building Recording

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Creating a permanent record of a structure


What is Historic Building Recording?

Historic Building Recording (HBR) is a piece of work is carried out to create a permanent record of a structure, often ahead of any material changes. This work is usually requested by a Local Planning Authority as a condition of development, although trusts and private owners would potentially commission it for their personal records.

How is the Historic Building Recording done?

The first stage is to define a level of recording, to comply with Historic England standards. Typically, these would be in line with level 1 to 4 RCHME definitions. Level 1 is the simplest, and 4 is the most detailed. Our historic buildings team would then visit the site to make a written, drawn and photographic record of the structure. A higher level of recording would also include a measured survey of the elevations and internal layout. Results of the site work are presented as a formal report, also addressing the development of the building. The scale and contents of the report will depend on the level of recording requested.

When do you need Historic Building Recording?

It is usually a condition of planning consent, requested by the Local Planning Authority. This would be required where material changes to the building are proposed and a permanent record is considered appropriate, rather than preservation in situ.