Fieldwalking and Walkover Survey

Non-intrusive survey of a site to evaluate the archaeological potential and identify any potential risks as early as possible.


What is Fieldwalking or a Walkover Survey?

Field walking and walkover surveys can be carried out as part of non-intrusive investigations on a site to try and identify upstanding features or discrete areas of finds assemblages. The two approaches differ in their methodology but are both often carried out as elements of wider pre-planning determination investigations.

How are they done?

The field walking will involve a team of archaeologists following set transects across fields at pre-defined spacings. Finds will be recovered and their locations logged, and upstanding earthworks or features will be located and recorded. A walkover survey will be undertaken on a site in order to identify any earthworks, crop marks, or upstanding features in order top record their location and characterise them. The results of these would be submitted within a formal report alongside historic and cartographic research.

When do you need Fieldwalking or a Walkover Survey?

These types of survey would be required in advance of planning determination and should help inform the design process.