Environmental Impact Assessment

Contributing archaeological and historic building knowledge to your EIA


What is an Environment Impact Assessment?

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an information-gathering process designed to provide a detailed investigation into the potential environmental impact of a proposed development. We provide the archaeological and historic environment expertise.

How is it done?

L – P : Archaeology provides three specialist Environment Impact Assessment services. But our unique skill lies in bringing together the three strands to create a coherent assessment of the Historic Environment as a whole.

Built Heritage Assessment

Depending on the size of the development, we can provide the appropriate scale of assessment of the built heritage. Our building specialists have worked on large-scale developments which require assessment of the built heritage character of whole landscapes. Smaller scale sites allow us to provide more detailed building assessments.

Historic Landscape Assessment

Our specialists provide assessments of the historic landscape to a level necessary to the development.

Archaeological Assessment

Archaeological investigations for inclusion within an EIA as required. We can also advise on the best strategy and have developed techniques and criteria as a method of assessing impacts on archaeology.

When do you need Environmental Impact Assessments?

An Environmental Impact Assessment should be submitted ahead of most medium- to large-scale planning applications.