CPD Sessions and Training

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Understand archaeological requirements, plan projects, minimise risk


Archaeology can seem like an entirely obscure aspect of a development, difficult to plan or budget effectively. Understanding where archaeology and built heritage fits into the planning process can be complicated. Satisfying archaeological planning requirements can be confusing, particularly for those who are not dealing with them on a regular basis. We’ve devised a programme to familiarise you with all legal, technical and practical aspects of archaeological work.

You won’t find CPD sessions of this kind anywhere else in the industry. Our sessions will enable you and your team to plan effectively for archaeological issues, minimise risk to your budget and avoid delays to the development.

Incorporating archaeology and historic buildings requirements at an early stage of project design means there are ways to limit their impact. By clarifying the archaeological responsibilities both on and off site, site managers can develop an efficient scheme of works, right at the start.

What do we offer?

L – P offer a range of interactive CPD sessions presented by our experienced project managers and specialists.

The sessions can be used as training for the CPD requirements of your professional body and are suitable for all project staff dealing with planning, ground works, sub-contracting or management. Relevant staff includes town planners, architects, quantity surveyors, regional, site or project managers and their teams.

Short Presentations

Free presentations, held at your location for between one and twenty attendees.Time slots are be flexible too. We have delivered presentations during lunch hours, at project meetings and the end of an AGM. Our presentations are given in powerpoint, and we will circulate the deck afterwards. All we require is a meeting room and digital data projector.

Training Days

Full or half day sessions are available, subject to a fee. Training days incorporate presentations and if required an interactive archaeological experience. We will create bespoke presentations to fit your needs.  Some possible topics include:

  • Managing the Programme of Archaeological Work – A breakdown of the different types of archaeological assessment and intrusive work. Areas covered include data gathering to full excavation.
  • Laws & Policy – Addressing questions about archaeology within UK planning law. We identify who determines the necessity of archaeological or historic building works and who carries them out. Discussion includes statutory and non-statutory legislation in England and Wales, the role of advisors to the Local Planning Authority, and how most councils operate.
  • Practicalities – This session demystifies a common misconception about our industry. Site work is usually only a small percentage of what archaeologists do. Post-excavation work and further analysis is an essential requirement of the development process. Find out more about MoRPHE procedures (Management of Research Projects in the Historic Environment’ introduced by English Heritage in 2006), reporting, specialist analysis, archiving and dissemination.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment – Process-specific session, covering aspects of an archaeological assessment for the heritage chapter of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or ES.

Please email london@lparchaeology.com to request a CPD session for your team. (All sessions are free apart from Training Days.)