It’s my last blog, and what can I say? What is left to say? Some great archaeology, some great (and venerable) people, and some great memories – digging that pit Context: 1588 in the p***ing rain included!

The biggest change for me will be not getting up every day and going to the same place for work (a ‘regular’ place of work is a treasured commodity in this game!), and it may seem weird for a bit not having conversations with the same people every day (which maybe isn’t a completely bad thing – sorry Gary, Fergal etc.). I would get all sentimental about that but I’m not like that, and this ain’t some Hollywood movie! Also, the small world of archaeology means that our paths will probably cross sometime in the (near) future…

It’s been a good experience for me doing this site. I think it will provide a lot more information on what we already know about the old East London Roman cemetery. On a work-level, it has provided me with the opportunity of working on some deep stratigraphy. On a personal level, L – P has been a good company to work for and my colleages have been especially nice to work with (including Dave R. and, of course, Lorna).