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Basic Information

  • Redeposited brickearth
  • 1519


  • Context: PCO06_1519
    • Re-deposited brick earth

Subgroup Narrative Text

    • Cut [1496] was dug into (1519), a dump of redeposited natural mixed with occasional cultural debris. This was seen as a leveling deposit, and was dumped over layer (1487).
      • Chaz Morse
    • 2-8-2011

Dating Narrative

    • A total of seven pot sherds were recovered from this layer, all of which were dated to 100-140AD.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 2-8-2011

Subgroup Plan


  • Strat. Group: PCO06_163
    • Metalled surface and associated bedding layers associated with S1