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Basic Information

  • Burial. Cut, Skeleton, Fill.
  • 746 745


  • Context: PCO06_744
    • Fill of grave 746
  • Context: PCO06_745
    • Roman inhumation aligned E - W
  • Context: PCO06_746
    • E - W aligned grave

Subgroup Narrative Text

    • Pit cut [731] was dug into (744), the fill of grave cut [746], and sampled as <40>. Inclusions of Fe nails within this context suggests that the body 745 was interred within a coffin. The interred skeleton was not well preserved and only the right radius and ulna, and both femurs survived.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 6-12-2010

Dating Narrative

    • No dating material was recovered from this feature, but given its stratigraphic position, it is one of the earliest features on the site area.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 6-12-2010

Sub Group Matrix

Subgroup Plan


  • Strat. Group: PCO06_22
    • Early Roman burials