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Basic Information

  • Palaeochannel and three silting up deposits cut into the natural geology of the site area

Sub Groups

  • Sub Group: PCO06_81
    • Palaeochannel, with 3 fills

Group Description

    • Underlying reworked natural was (876) the final silting up deposit of palaeochannel [873]. Under (876) was fill (875), and primary erosional deposit (874). The channel had degraded edges. This large, possibly peri-glacial, palaeochannel drained to the west extending beyond the L.O.E to the West and East. The peri-glacial nature was suspected due to grey/green mottling of central fill 875, which was sampled # 9. This channel was truncated by gravel quarries so while the base survives, the total depth unknown.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 1-9-2011

Dating Information

    • No dating material was recovered from this feature, but given its relative strategraphic position and its function it is seen as pre-Roman, and is the only pre-Roman feature on the site area.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 1-9-2011