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Basic Information

  • Refuse pits

Sub Groups

  • Sub Group: PCO06_523
    • Pit cut and two fills
  • Sub Group: PCO06_524
    • Cut and fill of heavily truncated pit
  • Sub Group: PCO06_557
    • Cut and fill of small pit

Group Description

    • Underlying the Post Medieval soils lay (1510), the upper fill of [1512], a pit that also contained primary fill (1511). Both these fills were mixed with a number of inclusions and the pit is seen as a refuse pit. Pit cut [1512] was dug into (1657), the fill of truncated linear [1656]. The function of this feature is uncertain, an interpretation not helped by the heavy truncation. This cut was dug into (1744), the latest fill of [1743]. Grave cut [1711] was dug into (1739) a pit fill that contained CBM, animal bone, and pot within refuse pit [1738] that was also dug into deposit (1744).
      • Chaz Morse
    • 27-10-2011

Dating Information

    • The datable finds recovered from these features has been dated to 120-160AD.
      • Chaz Morse
    • 27-10-2011