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    • Originally thought to be top fill of large feature. Now reckoned to represent some kind of agriculture/cultivation layer of Early Medieval period because it is not a very uniform fill, strongly indicative of a disturbance. Alternatively, it could represent soil moved/dug into from nearby owing to nearby activities e.g quarrying (so soil dug away in order to make access for new areas of grave and/or 'brickearth' extraction Nb. The initial environmental analysis of soil suggests it is not a "true" soil and is more the result of being laid down by man, not by natural causes. Finds from a 1m sq. section located at Sect. #16 taken to provide accurate dating
      • Greg Crees
    • 2-6-2008


  • Layer - Dark brownish / grey


  • Soft
  • Greyish mid brown
  • Silty sandy clay
  • Low occurance of small stone ca.10%, mostly between 10-50mm, occasional charcoal flecks, animal bone, CBM, potsherd
  • Extent recorded by GIS, but can be observed spreading throughout large area of site in Phase 2 area.
  • A certain amount of variation to fill-not uniform in all places; Sample No. 51 (40L), Drawing No. 16
  • excavation with machine, also with Maddock and Shovel. Variable weather conditions. Recorded in sample section. Extent recoded by GIS survey.


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    Elisabet Schager
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  • Compiled by
    • Greg Crees
    Compiled on
  • Checked by
    • Chaz Morse
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  • Sub Group: PCO06_94
    • Post Medieval agricultural soils.



  • Sample: PCO06_51
    • 40 L, bulk from post-Roman soil
  • Sample: PCO06_55
    • from soakaway


  • Registered Find: PCO06_103
    • Roman
    • Copper
    • Coin
    • Half
  • Registered Find: PCO06_138
    • Roman
    • Copper
    • Bracelet
    • Fragment
  • Registered Find: PCO06_180
    • Roman
    • Glass
    • Vessel
    • Fragment
  • Registered Find: PCO06_264
    • Iron
    • Object
    • Fragment
  • Registered Find: PCO06_359
    • Roman
    • Copper
    • Coin
    • Whole