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    • Horn cores. This horn core lined pit was probably just used as a soakaway. There is more evidence for this as drain directly to the south of the horn core pit runs into it.
      • Gary Webster
    • 21-4-2008


  • Horn cores lining


  • Horn cores
  • The horn cores are of completely varying size. Some are small as 200 mm in length, and some longer than 500 mm.
  • Some of the horn cores were preserved much better than some of the other. The ones at the top of the pit appeared to be more damaged.
  • The horn cores were generally laid out so the points were pointing outwards, with the 'skull' section of the horn on the inside. The curves were in the same direction.
  • The lining of a soakaway.
  • The inside face is the inside of a circle.
  • The horn cores were generally bonded together with the same material that makes up the backfill (592). This could potentially just be where it has slumped into the gaps, and not genuine bonding material.


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  • Sub Group: PCO06_156
    • Construction cut, horn-cores and back fill of horn-core pit



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