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  • PCO06
  • 1751
  • Skeleton
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    • Skeleton in grave cut [1753].
      • David Ross
    • 29-8-2008


  • Skeleton

Basic Interp.

Stratigraphic Matrix


  • Body mainly disartulated with exception of lower leg bones and feet and arms/hands. All other bones laid in approx. positions suggesting reburial
  • Skull laying on the right side facing E (towards feet) lower mandible seperate positioned upside down N of skull pointing N.
  • Possibly in situ, slightly flexed over body, right hand separate and beneath where pelvis should be (pelvis located within stomach area)
  • Also possibly in situ extended with left hand beneath were pelvis should be
  • Poss in situ, with lower part of leg and right foot laid alongside upper leg bone
  • Left leg as with right leg possibly in situ with lower leg bones and left food laid alongside upper leg bone
  • Both feet appear articulated to lower leg bones . Right foot facing outward (S), left foot facing down (E)
  • Little bone degeneration other than softening etc.
  • Condition poor after lifting due to time


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    David Ross
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    • David Ross
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    • Chaz Morse
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  • Sub Group: PCO06_30
    • Burial. Cut, Skeleton, Fill. With coffin staining.


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    • Skeleton 1751