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    • A shallow linear (or rectangular?) feature that has been hard to trace. It shows up cut into the orangey layer 958 (this is the layer with alot of Roman pot sherd and Roman urn remains). It must be the base of something originally deeper, thus its limits at each end cannot be accounted for since its probably been truncated by later activity. Its NE limit is especially perplexing since it just trails off into the layer below (the fill is very diffuse here!)
      • Greg Crees
    • 3-6-2008


  • Cut of linear / rectangular feature in 520 / 85 & in 525 / 85

Stratigraphic Matrix


  • Linear?
  • Unknown
  • Length: 2.20m (N/E-S/W), Width: ca0.60m (N/W- S/E), Depth: ca 0.17m
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Not perceptible
  • Slightly concave, regular but ledged
  • Runs ina N-E - S-W direction
  • n/a
  • Seems to be truncated at both ends, in its SW corner by a pit [997]. It has not been possible to observe its NE limit- it seems to trailoff and there could be a feature (or has been) here which has removed it
  • Drawing No. Plan 1004


  • Issued to
    Elisabet Schager
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  • Compiled by
    • Greg Crees
    Compiled on
  • Checked by
    • Chaz Morse
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  • Sub Group: PCO06_261
    • Cut and fill of linear feature