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ContextContext TypeShort DescriptionIssued toIssued onOptions
PCO06_2049DepositFill with disarticulated skeletonCeri Shipton29-9-2008view
PCO06_1056CutCut of pits,cuts 1037Gary Webster5-6-2008view
PCO06_1057DepositFill of 1056Gary Webster5-6-2008view
PCO06_1206DepositFill of [1207]Greg Crees25-6-2008view
PCO06_1207CutCut of pitGreg Crees25-6-2008view
PCO06_1212DepositLargest and latest fill of pit [1213].Elisabet Schager25-6-2008view
PCO06_1213CutCut of pitElisabet Schager25-6-2008view
PCO06_1216DepositFill of PitDavid Ross25-6-2008view
PCO06_1217CutCut of PitDavid Ross25-6-2008view
PCO06_1222DepositDeposit of pottery within fill (1212)Elisabet Schager26-6-2008view
PCO06_1245DepositLight grey silty clay fill in pit [1213]. Elisabet Schager26-6-2008view
PCO06_1254DepositBlack/dark lower fill containing bone in pit [1213]Elisabet Schager27-6-2008view
PCO06_1271CutCut of Pit containing redeposited human remains. Ruth Rolfe2-7-2008view
PCO06_1272DepositFill of pit containing human remainsRuth Rolfe2-7-2008view
PCO06_1280DepositUpper fill in [1281]-pitElisabet Schager2-7-2008view
PCO06_1281CutCut of possible pitElisabet Schager2-7-2008view
PCO06_1285DepositFill of PitDavid Ross3-7-2008view
PCO06_1286SkeletonSkulls from pit (1292)Ruth Rolfe3-7-2008view
PCO06_1292CutCut of pitRuth Rolfe3-7-2008view
PCO06_1293DepositFill of pit cut Ruth Rolfe3-7-2008view
PCO06_1298DepositRedeposited cremation urnDavid Ross3-7-2008view
PCO06_1299SkeletonRedeposited skullDavid Ross3-7-2008view
PCO06_1300CutCut of pit (Fill 1285)David Ross3-7-2008view
PCO06_1303SkeletonSkull 2 from pitRuth Rolfe4-7-2008view
PCO06_1328DepositRedposited cremation in pit [1329]Greg Crees9-7-2008view
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