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Sub GroupBasic Interp.Short DescriptionContextOptions
  • Soakaway
  • Pit
  • Pit
19th C Horn core pitviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
PCO06_112SoakawayFills of soak-away {505}.
  • PCO06_507
  • viewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_113SoakawayUpper Fills of {513}viewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_114SoakawayLower fills of {513}viewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_125SoakawayUpper contexts in Soak-awayviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_126SoakawayLower fill of soak-away {527}.
  • PCO06_665
  • viewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_127SoakawaySoak-away, construction cut, back-fillviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_155SoakawayPrimary fill in horn-core pit {593}
  • PCO06_646
  • viewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_156SoakawayConstruction cut, horn-cores and back fill of horn-core pitviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_157SoakawayCut, masonry and back fill of silt-trapviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_162SoakawayMasonry and construction cut of masonryviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_163SoakawayFill of heavily truncated soak-away 541
  • PCO06_559
  • viewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_177SoakawayMasonry, construction cut and back fillviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_178SoakawayFill of soakaway {612}viewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_182SoakawayBackfill in soak-away {727}.viewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_183SoakawaySoak-away and barrel well in same cutviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_184SoakawaySoakawayviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_185SoakawayDrain run, drainage fill, and cutviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_188SoakawayFills of soak-awayviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_189SoakawayBrick base built half way up soak-away
  • PCO06_736
  • viewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_206SoakawayConstruction cut and back fill of abandoned soak-awayviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_207SoakawayConstruction cut, mansonry and backfills of soak-awayviewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_208SoakawayCapping layer in top of soak-away {584}
  • PCO06_586
  • viewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_216SoakawayConstruction cut, masonry and fills viewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
    PCO06_235SoakawayHorn core pit and fills viewfailed to get markup 'enter'edit
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