Bringing technical information to life through drawing, maps and 3D modelling   Our illustration service covers all aspects of archaeological graphics and illustrations for incorporation into internal and client driven document. This includes reports, publications and archives, as well as online presentations. Archaeological Finds Illustrations of rare and delicate objects found during evaluation and excavation are often required by local authorities. Technical archaeological drawings remain the optimum means of recording fabric, dimensions, surface decoration, tool-marks and construction detail – visible in the third-angle projection or cross-section of an object. L – P’s archaeological illustrators are experienced in the technical requirements […]

CPD Sessions and Training

Understand archaeological requirements, plan projects, minimise risk   Archaeology can seem like an entirely obscure aspect of a development, difficult to plan or budget effectively. Understanding where archaeology and built heritage fits into the planning process can be complicated. Satisfying archaeological planning requirements can be confusing, particularly for those who are not dealing with them on a regular basis. We’ve devised a programme to familiarise you with all legal, technical and practical aspects of archaeological work. You won’t find CPD sessions of this kind anywhere else in the industry. Our sessions will enable you and your team to plan effectively […]

Environmental Archaeology

Cost-effective environmental analysis   What is Environmental Archaeology? On site archaeological investigations almost always require a programme of palaeoenvironmental sampling and analysis. Samples of soil and other material are taken during intrusive fieldwork and can provide further information about a site. One of the major objectives of archaeological investigation is to characterise past activities and land use. Information gathering from environmental data helps to do that. A well-planned environmental programme is imperative for effective analysis and interpretation, and ultimately, for the removal of archaeological planning conditions. How is it done? L – P’s archaeo-environmental provision enables tight control of project […]

Archive Preparation

Full archiving services for small to large projects   L – P provides a dedicated service for all sizes and complexities of archaeological archives. We deliver small scale documentary collections, to large quantities of artefacts and data from extensive or long-running research projects. Our archiving expertise is used to assist research organisations, regional museums services and archaeological contractors Key features of the archive preparation service: Prepared to IfA standards and tailored to local museum/archive deposition guidelines Organised to a high standard with a box by box database Efficient, appropriate project archiving Experience in bringing backlogged archives to deposition Online publication […]

Public Archaeology

Connecting the public with archaeology and creating positive engagement with development   What is Public Archaeology? Public archaeology, or ‘archaeological outreach/engagement’, comes in many forms. They are all about positively connecting the public with the archaeology found on your site. Outreach might be aimed at a particular audience e.g. schools, local community, or more general public interest. Public archaeology can be delivered either: In person – On/off site with site tours, public ‘open days’, school activity visits, ‘pop up museums’, volunteer digs, talks Media – in print/online with news articles, social media, specialist websites to promote the archaeology of the […]