Websites – Design, Production & Hosting

Strong standards compliance, clean design, intuitive UX   Just as web design has evolved since L – P began working in the field in 1990, so has our approach. Our underlying philosophy has always been that archaeological websites do not have to be ugly and difficult to navigate. It sounds obvious, but back in 1999 the vast majority of archaeological websites were very ugly making extensive use of gif animations of trowels, etc. You get the picture. We are interested in standards compliance, which is fundamental to good web design. Our skills have expanded so that we can now deliver […]

Video Production

Specialist heritage filmmaking and complete digital video production services   Multiple narratives are vital to heritage projects. Film and video content provide a visual link between the past, present and future of a development. Creating compelling media can be used for devising site management plans, engaging local communities and balancing ‘expert’ interpretations with oral histories, folklore and opinions of all stakeholders. For example, an ARK-backed web design might use digital video to link process-heavy ‘dry, professional’ data with the live activity of a project, and journal/blog entries from the project team. Digital video helps with audience outreach too, by sharing […]

GIS – Geographic Information Systems

Recording, organising and interpreting geospatial data   What is GIS? Geographic Information Science or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are used in archaeology to visualise, link and manipulate geospatial data. Recording is done with either survey equipment or by pencils and permatrace with non-geospatial data recorded in site registers and context sheets. How is GIS done? L – P use QGIS, an Open Source package, for which we have developed a suite of plugins for digitising the drawn record and linking to our ARK system. If you have an existing site archive or are in the process of creating one, we […]

ARK (Archaeological Recording Kit)

Create, store, edit and share your archaeological data ARK the Archaeological Recording Kit is an open source, standards compliant, web-delivered system for the creation, storage, manipulation and publication of archaeological data and media. More simply: a system you can use to put your archaeological data online for working on and sharing. Read more about the ARK project on its dedicated website L – P has developed this project, and we are pleased to offer a full range of services for setup and hosting of ARK for your project. Although ARK is available for download, we also recommend you get […]